Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mulling Over the Weekend

Big Fiasco
How does it matter if it was a 'medium intensity' blast. How does it matter that it happened accidentally?. The fact remains that in spite of the apparently 'beefed' up security measures, two lives were still lost in a cowardly act of barbaric terrorism. As reported, the miscreants belong to a terror group other than the from the ones already under the police microscope. It was a heart rending sight to see the distraught mother of that 9 year old boy who expired in this incident. Yes, DPS (Delhi Police Service) had claimed into breaking into the terror nexus in the capital after the recent terror strikes. But somehow, this incident has reduced the credibility of those claims to nought.

Big Fight
Topic: Nanavati Commission Report : Clean chit to Narendra Modi
It was an absolute fish-market. There was hardly any scope for a balanced discussion as the participants freely used unparliamentary language. An example : "Would you please keep your mouth shut?".Teesta Seetalvad was as irritating as ever. I do believe that the lady is extremely capable; also that she has such an abundance of facts and with her sheer capability to remind/reiterate facts, she has a scope to present a very strong argument supporting her claims. I fail to comprehend why she almost always throws it all away by yapping incessantly and incoherently. As expected, the discussion always remained on the fringes and paid less than lip service to the actual issue in question. Everything, from the 1984 Sikh riots to the Babri Masjid demolition was discussed at the top of the participants' vocal chord capacities. Spokespersons of large political parties serve the purpose of marking their presence on such shows and providing fodder to other participants to chew on. Prakash Javdekar did just that. His inconsequential fulminations did their bit in disorienting the discussion every time the host tried to bring it on track. All in all, there wasn't even the slightest semblance of a unanimity or an agreement between our 'politicos'

A rare moment of unanimity between all the panelists was brought forth by an utterly irresponsible and completely despicable comment by senior journalist Harinder kaur. With uncharacteristic nonchalance, she exclaimed "Considering the kind of treatment Muslims are being meted out in this country, If I were a Muslim, I would be tempted to pick up a gun". Other panelists were quick to jump in and condemn the comment. Ma'am, you are a respected journo. People like me, look up to you to form opinions and to get a different perspective on various matters.A callous approach from your side on such a majorly sensitive issue was truly unwarranted and highly condemnable.

Big Fizzle
There is this new show "Ek khilaadi, Ek Haseena" whose pilot was aired over this weekend. A 'suspense' has been built up for the past many weeks as to what exactly they would make our cricketers do. Unlike my peers, my primary purpose of seeing this show was not Sushmita Sen. She was a bonus as far as I am concerned. My childhood hero 'Wasim Bhai' was going to be seen in a new role here and I was not going to miss it at any cost. I have grown up seeing the great fast bowler transform from a tearaway to a crafty all-rounder. The way he managed his hectic cricket life in spite of being a chronic diabetic is truly a source of inspiration.

Coming to the topic, : Kunal Ganjawala crooned to kick off this show.

"EK khilaadi, Ek haseena,
Thodi si partiiee, Thoda paseena"

Why in heaven/hell does everything have to rhyme? And with the amount of sense that the current introductory 'poetry' makes, it would not have been a bad idea to list out all the 'eena' words and choose the worst one.

My suggestions : Kameena, eena, meena, deena (no wait !, thats deeka), Kareena, Arena (it is spelt as areena) and many more ( I have lost the motivation to list any more)

Moving on; the show boasted of some current and some past cricketers and Nikhil Chopra. Vinod Kambli used to be a great batsman, till the fetish for ear-rings and inexplicably weird hair-dos took over from his affinity for the cricket bat. He still associates himself with his Shardashram exploits with the 'little master' and also with his long forgotten blitzkriegs in Zimbabwe when he scored a double hundred. I am not being sarcastic when i say, I truly used to regard Kambli as a very good batsman, one who was better than Tendulkar in terms of technique,stroke-power and elegance. I do not regard him as anything today and i must sincerely admit that seeing Vinod Kambli do anything other than play cricket , least of all , seeing him dance is like having a boil in the armpit.

'A boil in the armpit situation' is a pretty horrible one to be in , for those souls who are blissfull unaware of this. You know it is there. You want to clasp your arm but it pains because it is right there. And you cannot ignore it as it would send that shooting pain everytime you try to divert your mind and ignore it.

In case of Mr. Kambli in this show, I knew he was there. I tried to divert my attention off him by changing the channel but my mum would not allow me to do so and would shriek at the top of her voice " Do i disturb you when you are watching those disgusting wrestlers wringing each other's necks? or when you watch those dull-drab Test Matches?" I can't do much, so I squirm around in my seat withstanding the irritation that the 'subject' brings about in my head. But i do argue with mum that WWE is not a disgusting sport. It is a like a movie. And trust me it is much better than your 'run of the mill' Karan Johar b*llsh*t. On every diatribe of hers' on WWE, I tell her "Watch it sometime. It is completely scripted. Noone gets hurt in it and they almost always depict someone as the 'bad guy' and some one else as the 'good guy' and also show you a complete bashing of the bad guy by the good one. In short WWE depicts the vistory of Good over Evil" And each time i say that, I stick a fork into my neck.

There was pretty much more in the show that I would have been expected to cover in my account. Just that all this talk about an insipid dance show (Another one among seventy three others) is putting me to sleep.

I take leave from you at this point on this post with the hope that I can come with something more worthwhile in my next post.


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