Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Poet Tree (A farewell ode)

With sincere wishes and a heavy heart,
As we stand here and watch you move apart,

While the mind says "we shall meet one day",
The heart says "please dont go away".

Your space might get filled, your place shall not,
We shall miss your guidance; your advice; your thought,

The torch shall change hands pretty soon,
The bearer might change but the goal shall not.

Because today we have a promise to make,
So today, an oath, we all shall take,

That we shall keep the flame aglow.
As long as we can, after you go.
As long as we can after you go.

1 comment:

Pagan Winter said...

I am honoured...
Din know that you guys cared soooo much about me...
But I had it my way, I'd make sure the flame gets extinguished within one release deployment...