Monday, January 19, 2009

Next is what?

Greetings. I am back after a self induced hiatus from regular updation. In my hibernation period, there have been numerous instances when I have itched to pen something but have lost motivation somewhere along the way. Today, when I view my blogger dashboard, the number of drafts are multiples of the number of posts.

Anyway, I have been seeing this ad-campaign featuring Aamir khan by Samsung Electronics (pronounced as SamSum by the 'seller community' at ChorBazaar) for a while now. Khan, in keeping with his latest image of a grimacing retard has given a pretty stupid performance in the advertisement.

But thats not the point. I found the catchline very very catchy (much to the disbelief and diagreement of a close crony). Thats one reason it finds place in this blog as a headline. The other reason is that It is a one line description of the reactions of millions of sensible people amidst billions of nincompoopish buffoons in India.

Amar Singh (with the bandana gifted to him allegedly by goons of Mayawatiji) shamelessly faced shutterbugs a week ago and declared "Sanjay Dutt is responsible for keeping the Gandhi flame alive and educating youngsters about Bapu through Lage Raho. So me and Mulayamji invite him with open arms to SP ". It was very evident that this was a 'bailout' package coming in Sanju Baba's way and as expected, he accepted it 'gracefully'. I remember Dutt having categorically remarked on a talk show in the past "Anything, but politics". Time and circumstances change people and mentalities. Dutt too has not been spared.

Am speechless. Well what can I say? This is definitely not the first time such a thing is happening in India. Over own Govind Ahuja got a Congress ticket five years ago citing his will and desire to do 'desh ki seva' . He ended up trouncing the then Petroleum Minister and old political warhorse Ram Naik. Govinda's achievements during his five year tenure as an MP : Grinning impishly, a dud called Nyay, Grinning impishly, issuing a major bloomer during the parliament voting on the 123 deal, Grinning impishly, a Mind numbing performance in a horrifying comedy called Partner and well that was followed by more impish grins and painfully stupid statements to the media about the state of affairs in the country. I feel I should reiterate, lest you readers forget, This guy defeated Ram Naik, the petroleum minister of the incumbent government.

Am actually compelled at this point to ask - Next is what? Sanjay dutt , in all probability shall be contesting from Lucknow, Vajpayee's homeground. Vajpayee has been achieving sweeping victories from this region for a couple of decades now. So are we going to see the 'Jaadu ki Jhappi' get the better of our old and weak BJP pappy? If a future model can be predicted by extrapolating past and present trends, I would like to say.. Maybe.. Well, Its a different point that it will be a shame on the Indian democratic setup.

Last elections have seen a slew of incompetent goofballs getting an entry into the parliament. Pray tell me how can one justify Dharmendra's election into the Parliament just on the basis of his 'beaten to death' drunken garble? I had viewed his election campaigns at Bikaner on television where the crowds would go into a frenzy when he started "Mausiji, I committt sooosiide"... Well, Sunny and Bobby ke Papa, you may have ensured that about your political career by visiting the Parliament and Bikaner with equally appalling frequency. The same goes for Navjot Singh Sidhu. With a murder case against his name and a flowering career as a perennially guffawing laughter reality show judge, Sidhu hardly finds time these days to serve his role as a 'Cricket Expert'. So attending parliament and visiting his constituency once in a while is almost out of question.

The point is , are we going to see a coninuity in this trend even in this elections? Calling for help from one's contacts and cronies in the film fraternity and projecting them as 'Star Campaigners' is one thing and making them contest on party rolls is another. I am not discounting our film stars' will to work for India or their philanthropic and self repudiatory intentions behind joining politics. Just that, the poor quality and nature of past examples that we have had, compels me to have a strong apprehension about Actor-politicians.

At this point, all we can do is wait for the curtains to be drawn. One thing is for sure; it would be better if all of us brace ourselves for more surprises/shocks along the way.