Monday, October 13, 2008

Thought Passing...

Not without basis is it said,
That a pen is mightier than a sword.
It is not without reason that,
A knife influences us less than does the 'word'.

If you truly want to destroy me,
Force is surely not the key.
Mental disintegration does a lot,
That physical degradation cannot.

Hand me over to a 70 foot giant
Have him beat me to pulp.
I would still die a proud man.

If you want to destroy me,
Hand me over to a runt.
Who has the power of knowledge,
Hidden in his squeaky grunt.

By his physical prowess i might'nt be harmed,
But against his 'power' I am truly unarmed.
His fatal blow is a hurt to my 'pride',
A 'thing' that every person has inside.

Power,Wealth, Education or Status,
Nothing of this, do you have as a foetus.
Some you inherit, some you earn.
But the 'power' and it's use is something that you learn.

Abstain from learning it and there you stand,
With no 'power' within you but a knife in hand.
Trying to destroy me with force and a sword,
When all you needed was a pen and the word.